Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2 Million Cross Corona Virus Cases In India 2020

Corona Virus cases are increases day by day in India. It is one of the biggest epidemics all over the world. How many people have died from this disease today And how many people are struggling? This is a very big problem for humans, there is no cure for it yet, but Russia claims that it will launch the vaccine. Now all over the world are faces for the coronavirus epidemic this disease several peoples are lost for life and several peoples are suffering from these diseases. Don’t know when it will survive.
This will definitely make India free one day. One day the world is free from the coronavirus. The coronavirus scientific name is (COVID-19). Its patents so far will be 2 million in India means beyond 20 lakhs. 50 thousand patients are coming to India almost daily. And many people in India are recovering. India’s recovery rate is very well. India’s Digestive System is so good that a lot of people are recovering from Corona. More people are not dying from this disease. Don’t know when this disease prevails from the world. Now India 1.4 million peoples recover from the coronavirus
This virus has been pouched till the village of India in today’s date. The coronavirus is very dangerous for the old age peoples and small children. Because those immunity systems lose as compare to teenagers of the Indian peoples. This is a wonderful moment for India its coronavirus recovery rate is high as compare to other countries. Other country’s peoples are mostly suffering from the coronavirus because the recovery rate is very low. A lack of peoples has died from this virus. Indian People’s immunity system is good, so they are recovering nothing, their body is recovering. This is the best talk about Indian peoples. Some people are also being forcefully quartered by this virus.


The men of India are returning to the Quartin sector and getting well. Hospital is being looked after very well. Being given good food and drink which makes it easy for people to recover. You have to protect yourself to avoid the coronavirus. And if there is an old man in the house and there are children, then you have to take care of him too. Because these viruses are very dangerous for those people.
 Don’t eat a lot more than say a good thing and avoid fast food. Say dry fruits and green vegetables that will improve your immune system. To avoid this virus, while wearing a mask, wear a mask on your face, and keep on sanitize hands. This will not touch you with the virus of this virus. It is a very good thing if you are talking about Vegetables by Sanitize. And while filling up, follow social distance, you will not get a virus in your touch.
They when you come home from all over, you must take it and also wash the clothes. And if you feel like something like a cold fever, then you must go to the hospital and get the corona test done. It won’t hurt your home. The home will be safe and you too.
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