Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There Will Be 5 Million Coronavirus Cases In India And Its Not Treated


Coronavirus is a big epidemic for all over the world many peoples are lost their life in India. In India, 5 million corona cases are increasing day by day corona patient is increased but not yet treated as soon as possible Indian Doctors are launched in India. As compare to other country cases are decreases but in India, more cases are increases day by day. Indian doctors are researching daily for the treatment of the coronavirus. This epidemic is a loss many peoples carriers peoples are unemployment nobody takes them.

In the industrial area, all factories are lost they were by doing everything for a product they were sale but it is not better. You are going to a market or full of houses you should keep a hand sanitizer and mask for a face. In this time all companies are losses for the coronavirus COVID-19. This is a very big problem in the world. Indian peoples are facing many problems because India is a lack of population Indian is the second number of population all over the world.


Coronavirus is born in china country they were born this virus. This is a very harmful virus for children and old peoples. Because these people’s immunity system is not strong. Many peoples are lost, family members. Indian police and hospital peoples help all over time.

This is a very big proud moment for the Indian peoples. Coronavirus is an untouchable disease this type of disease is very harmful to the peoples. So these types of diseases are increasing day by day so human life cannot possibly live on earth. To be avoided for all market items and fast food items for the market. You should eat only home products and take a proper diet of the body. You should do for this thing your immunity level is more strong and you cant have any diseases.

Coronavirus is very harmful to little babies because a newborn baby is coming for new in the world. So they were very caring about family responsibility. You should are big for your family you need to take care of the family member and old peoples of the family. The 2020 year is very bad for Indian peoples nobody celebrates for the festival, marriages and no going for the relatives. In the year 2020, all peoples are staying home and stay safe.

In the 2021 year, this virus is going on earth. The doctor of India is very hard work in day by day new research is gone but they are not successful in one day doctors are successful about this virus they have invented for the vaccine of the coronavirus. So in India peoples are recovers very easily one side peoples are positive for this virus on other side peoples are recovering very easily. With this coronavirus, you are fever, cold, head pain, or inhale for the breathe.

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