A person spent Rs 1.26 lakh for a VIP mobile number

Vip numbers

The craze of VIP numbers is not limited to only vehicles in India. At this time people do not shy away from spending up to lakhs of rupees for just one mobile number. One such VIP mobile number craze was seen recently. The bid for a VIP mobile number of BSNL in Yamuna Nagar reached up to Rs 1.26 lakh. After paying the money from the BSNL office, he was allotted this number to that person. Now you must be thinking that when this number has been sold for such a price, then its specialty will also be something.

1.26 lakh Number Taken

BSNL does auctions from time to time for VIP mobile numbers. In this auction, common people bid for a unique serial number of the company, and the number is given to the one who bids the highest. In one such auction, a person from Yamuna Nagar bought the VIP number of BSNL.

According to media reports, CSC Divisional Engineer Sandeep Jain and in-charge Anil Kumar told that it was open bidding, in which a person bought the number. Also, he told that this type of auction on behalf of BSNL keeps happening for a short period.

Get BSNL VIP Number

Let us tell you that anyone can bid on the VIP number of BSNL. For this, you will have to go to the website of BSNL, where you can participate in the bidding in the coming time. Also, you will get all the details inside the Fancy Numbers Auction category on the website.

Potato seller had bought VIP number

Let us tell you that some time ago a piece of news came out, in which a potato trader from Kota in Rajasthan had bought the VIP number of BSNL. According to a BSNL employee, potato trader Tanuj Dudeja likes to have a VIP mobile number. The VIP number of Rs 2.4 lakh is his second purchase as he had earlier also bought another number for Rs 1 lakh.

Now you must be wondering what was that number, which was sold for 2.4 lakh rupees. Let us tell you that the specialty of this mobile number is that the six digits after the first four digits are zero (000000). This number starts with 88, then two more digits followed by six zeros i.e. 000000 (the whole number is 88XX000000). However, keeping in mind the privacy, we have written XX in place of the third and fourth digits.


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