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Aarogya Setu App

Aarogya Setu App is a health and fitness app. This app is a NIC eGov Mobile Apps. During this time due to coronavirus (COVID-19) time this app help to see them under the patient of the related area. The Indian government is launching this app very helps full during the time of coronavirus time. At this time of the day, these apps are the most popular and help full. These apps are most useful and people also trust this and its information is accurate. With this app, you can check the patient of coronavirus which you have. Today the whole world is troubled by this virus. These apps are very good to use this app in India.

Aarogya Setu App is very useful for the Indian peoples. These are the best apps to survive the corona epidemic in today’s time. You can also use this app for health and fitness. Aarogya Setu App is the very best app to provides correct information on the coronavirus. This helps for the positive area of the COVID-19 this provides correct news to related this virus. This virus is harmful to the children and old ages peoples this virus are affected many more area due to this virus are died for more peoples. Mostly old ages peoples have died more. This virus has Infected a huge amount of peoples who live in many countries.

*How to get rid of this virus*

Many state government has made the zone of the city which is the red and green zone. At the starting of this virus, the government has made three wards orange ward is included. In this time two-zone allows in the city of India. Red zone peoples do not exist for the other and outside the area. The green zone peoples come to many areas. If any of the People is filled For some reason, it has to be done by hand sanitizer and applying the mask on the face. And if you are filled with the house, then you must make the hand calmly and do not touch anyone outside and re-sanitize your hand when you come home.

Because caution is necessary for today’s time. To avoid this virus, first of all, download this Arogya Setu App, it gives very good guidance and also tells you carefully. Due to this virus, the economy of the whole country has fallen below. And many people are homeless.

People who work on a daily basis, are dying because of no food. If you are from a good family, then Lahlighnevas requests you to help poor people to become alive. Poor people who work as big lions, they are now returning to their village. Because it is a global pandemic: which is impossible to avoid, it definitely comes once in 100 years. At present, the father of this disease is being told to China that it has started from the same.


The doctors and police are doing the most work at this time and these people are helping a lot in the family of people. In India, many peoples will be homeless in India. Some countries are saying that this is a trend of China that the economy of Sadi country has come down and China should go ahead. The cure for this virus has not been smoothed yet, but many countries are looking for it and many countries are testing its vaccine arrow. And soon its treatment will be possible and daily life will be like before. There are also many countries that are helping small countries around them. Because many people have died from this disease in the whole world. And the government of every country used to make Lokdhon Kiya.

All the peoples in all the states should not come out of the house. And if you come out for an emergency, then you must make hand sanities and apply a mask on your face. All the government of the country is saying stay home stay safe at home.

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