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After Facebook, Now There Will Be Data of 500 Million Linkedin Users Are Leak

linkedin data leak 2021

After Facebook, news of big data leak has been revealed which is Linkedin Users. This time the business job company has become a victim of this, it is a very sad incident because it has a username, account, e-mail, everything is leaked.

Number Game:-

  • 74 Million users worldwide on the LinkedIn platform
  • 7.54 Million users use Linkedin in India
  • 5.5 Million Company are present on Linkedin
  • 17.6 Million User Use In America
  • 16.3 Million User Use In Europe

According to the report say that data leak has happened to many people, but if you also use LinkedIn, then change its password. Linkedin is a data breach for the latest company data is very big. This is news of the Linkedin 500 million (50 crores) users’ data are hacked this data appears to have been sold online by hackers.

Those data are sold for unknown user sale from hackers forum. This user sample proof name, users have kept 2 million users data. Instead of bitcoin the hacker, he is asking for a big amount. A few years ago, Facebook’s data was also leaked like this Data of 53.3 crore people was leaked on Hacker Forum.

It includes people from 106 countries India’s 60 lakhs and its 3.2 million USA people. After this news, all the Linkedin users are paranoid that the Gmail of some people was their private and there is also a link on social media. You can use the LinkedIn platform request that you can change your password or email id so you can safe.

Hacker did all this work for money so that he could take arbitrary amounts from the Linkedin company. Hackers mean they should have their money in bitcoin. Bitcoin can be converted into any one currency.

It may be that Linkedin and the company can bring this data back together As long as you stay on ALLHIGHNEWS.


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