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TikTok is the very big platform of the world so many countries peoples use during some miss understanding of peoples so again the Tiktok rating is fine. Tiktok is Chinese app peoples are share videos for use social media services. This app is owned by ByteDance Chinese company which is developed this app in 2016 this app is launched worldwide. It is used to create short videos. This app is very crazy peoples are also time pass to see a video. This app is the best platform for peoples are popular in it. Peoples are easily popular in this app. Peoples are provided this app is helpful for love, peace, and humanity are also increases.

It is a better way to provide your talent for the peoples. This has is a very big social media platform at this time. You can make short videos, talent, lip-sync, short dance, and motivational. This app is being used worldwide today. This App’s name was first from Musically, then it was named Tiktok.


During the controversy of Youtube v/s TikTok. Some people started the wrong videos on Tiktok and started giving the wrong message to people. Because of this Tiktok’s rating fell down. And then Tiktok deleted the video of them and disabled the accounts of the users. So at this time again the TikTok rating is fine. YouTube and Tiktok’s controversy was very popular, Roast a YouTuber for a Tiktoker then the birth of its jealousy which is best both peoples are saying TikTok best and some peoples are Youtube best. All this happened because of a video from YouTube. Both countries user has to uninstall the TikTok app and low rating provide the users many peoples are bad comments. Because some peoples say the Chinese app has bad for the smartphones they have deleted this app. This app is very cool and easy to use.

The founder of this app is Mr. ZHANG YIMING Due to this app many people have become carriers and they are living a good life today. This app gives a verification badge to popular people, which shows their distinct identity. Mostly teenagers use this app very highly. Many teenagers have a carrier in this app. This app is made for the networking of the Bytedance. Its owner did not make this app like this, they did not know that this app would become such a big platform. The people who use this app the most are from India. And popular peoples of this app are other countries but more users of this app in India.

*Profits of this app*

The main profit of this app is peoples are easily popular in this app. This app is the biggest platform in the world. Mostly peoples have generated a very well income for this app. And the best thing is that due to being popular in it, you get paid promotions and can also add. In this app, if you become followers of More, then there will be a good growth on social media accounts other than you. This app is used for video making, Peoples are entertainment and enjoy this app. Mostly peoples are using daily in this app we can see daily videos of this app and another work doing they were also enjoyed in it.

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