Airtel is ready to launch 5G! Holograms of 83 World Cup winners shown on Metaverse

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Bharti Airtel has been doing 5G trials for a long time. Today i.e. on March 24, once again the company has shown a live demo of the 5G trial in Manesar, Gurugram. In this event, the company has shown the high-speed and low-latency capabilities of the 5G network. With cutting-edge video technology on a high-speed 5G network, Airtel has given cricket fans the chance to re-watch the legendary batsman Kapil Dev’s 175 not outmatch during the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

People got to see those special moments of that match, which were not even recorded on any camera. AIRTEL Shows Live Demo Kapil Dev was also present during this event of the 5G trial. People got to see his meta avatar. In the live demo, the video of the match was played in 4K mode with 1Gbps network speed and 20ms low-latency. Airtel says that in this demo, more than 50 users simultaneously watched the match in 4K on a 5G smartphone. In this, the match could be seen from different camera angles.

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At this time the speed was around 4Gbps. Not only this but a 5 G-powered hologram conversation was also held with Kapil Dev in the session. In this, a virtual avatar of cricketer Kapil Dev was shown to interact with the fans in real-time. Kapil Dev’s virtual avatar interacted with people before coming right on the stage.

Technology will develop with the arrival of 5G While showing the live demo of Metaverse on the 5G network by the airline, the company’s Chief Technology Randeep Sekhon said that after the arrival of 5G in India, the technology will develop more than expected.

In the future, 5G will be used the most in the metaverse. It requires more data without lag and less latency. Apart from the metaverse, it will be used in everything from gaming, business, and sports as well as medical. Let us tell you that this live demo event of Airtel took place at the company’s Network Experience Center in Manesar.

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