Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Going To Sale India: Price

Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro also come sell in India. In India, you can easily buy these apple phones. This iPhone 12 series is unveiled this month. iPhone 12, 12 Pro first sale going to market from these cities China, Canada, Uk, USA, and Japan. But in India Apple, iPhone 12 series is pre-ordered now. When Apple launches any phone, it is not available in the market in suturing.

*Cashback Offers*

iPhone 12 series customers can buy then apple company provide a cashback for only HDFC credit card. Customers are iPhone 12 pro for using debit card HDFC provide a cashback for 1500 Rs. Customers can use or purchase a credit card then HDFC provides a 6000 Rs. cashback which is directly gone customer bank account.


This is the Indian price of the 12 series. Apple iPhone 12 64 GB price is Rs.80,000 and 128 GB is Rs.85,000 or 256 GB is Rs.95,000.

Iphone 12 pro 128 GB is 1,20,000 and 256 GB is 1,30,000 or 512 Gb is 1,50,000.

This is not exactly the correct and correct price of Apple 12 Series: it may be a little experimental but Approx is this price.

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