Apple May Launch New Apple Air Pods3 Next Week

Apple Air Pods3

Apple launches an Air Pods3 next week here with Apple Pencil 3 and iPad Pro launch. According to the rumors Apple Pencil 3, Airpods 3, and iPad pro nearing their launch. In Apple’s Spring Loadedlaunch event, we can see the Apple Pencil 3 and iPad Pro 12.9 inches with LED dispaly realistically.

It is not confirmed that Apple Air Pods3 is launching this event but can get head-on leaked with heads. Apple does not confirm the launch date of Air Pods 3 but it is coming soon according to the renders. The Air Pods3 is looking for Apple Air Pods Pro however you do not get a silicon tip.

A Chinese tipster has claimed that this is the image of Apple Air Pods 3. Chinse Tipster, better known as Uncle Pan Pan, embellished the Air Pods 3 image on the Chinse Famous Weibo blogging website.

The image shows its design is the same for Air Pods Pro but the noise flow and cutouts are different. The tipster claims that all this third generation is being read. A recent leak showed the Apple Pencil 3 has a glossy finish and a severable nib.


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