Apple told why old apps and games are being removed from the App Store

Apple told why old apps and games are being removed

Apple is removing apps that haven’t been updated for a long time from its App Store. Giving details about this move, the company said that it is removing the outdated apps because no user is downloading them.

The company said that it is sending notices to developers who have not updated their apps in the last three years and their apps are not reaching a minimum download number.

This means that Apple is looking to remove outdated apps from the Store that have been downloaded more than once in 12 months, or less frequently. Users who have pre-installed apps removed from the store will not disappear from the phone and you will be able to use them as before.

APPLE sent notices to developers

Apple’s App Store was in the news last week. Several app and game developers shared the notices received by Apple on Twitter. In an “App Improvement Notice”, Apple told developers that it was removing their apps within 30 days for not getting updates for a long time.

Several app and game developers expressed displeasure with Apple over the 30-day notice. But now Apple has commented on its move to remove the outdated apps. The company also mentioned that it will give more time to developers to update apps. It has increased the 30-day deadline to 90 days. That is, developers who have received notices of their apps or games being removed, can update their apps within 90 days and stop them on the store.

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