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Baba Ka Dhaba

baba ka dhaba

Baba ka Dhaba is one of the smallest restaurants in Delhi. This restaurant is present in Malviya Nagar Delhi. This restaurant is very small. Old age couples are working there and make some items to the peoples. The old manager is 80 years he is working for 1988 in this restaurant they make very good items. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant. The old man peoples name is Mr.Kanata Prashad and he is wife’s name is Ms. Bajrangi Devi. He is very bad news for India. so these couples are very struggling with this work. In Indi old man peoples are working so I request that for the Indian government please launch a scheme for the old peoples.

They enjoyed and rest for life easily. In this time in India old peoples are facing many struggles for in his life so the government has launched many schemes for these peoples but it can profit them. Because corruption is increasing day by day in India all political leaders are used money those who remain a part of this is also cannot find them. So I request that you are belonging to a rich family or middle-class family yo should keep help for old age peoples. They also depended on you. In India, at this time unemployment is increasing day by day. So peoples are helping peoples who belongs in poor class.


Today at this time peoples are craving food at their restaurant. This restaurant is very small and the rates of items are very cheap. Peoples are easily bought or eat every item. All peoples together start a campaign for the old age peoples helping for this trust because at this time in India old ages people’s lives are not well because they were suffering from many diseases. So help with this type of peoples. Go to delhi and visit for Baba Ka Dhaba.

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