Beware Of Mobile Fraud And Its Security

At today’s time, as much as people are securing mobile, the same fraud is also raging. So the mobile is important for us but its security is more important. You people should be careful and alert that the surface of people is getting very much fraudulent at the time of today. People will be unemployed, there is no house of commissions. So men are thinking that how can I earn money anyway.

Do anything I mean money. So you guys stay alert and careful. And if you do not give your mobile to an unknown person, it is good. Beware Of Mobile Fraud And Its Security You must also be aware of the security that there is no fraud in the future with you. And until the man sixty is a fraud, he is not alert and he gets to know everything as soon as he gets fraud. This is why caution is needed at today’s time, even teenagers are dying for money: just how can we earn money by doing anything. But it is a wrong thing to fraud with a man, what is his status and for what purpose should he put money in the bank and you fool him to rob the money.

So what you have to do is be alert. Do not give your mobile to an unknown person. And always keep in mind that the bank will never call you nor ask for a tip always keep in mind that the bank will never call you nor ask for a top password. So take special care of this. And you are also adding your credit or debit card, do not save it and remove it every time.


It will be very good for you. And if you ask for anything from any e-commerce site then it will never call you for an offer. And on the e-commerce site, you add the card, even if you do not save it, it is good that at the time of data, the data leaks and gets hacked. Today’s social media will also ask for your money from the money being paid through fraud and that will be a hacker, so you should confirm with your relative. Just do whatever you want, read the new sweeper, in it all the days, the surface of people getting fraud. Because at this time the whole world has been hit by the coronavirus (Covid-19). Everywhere has a lockdown for their own state government. So no man is going anywhere and there is no means of defection.

Every man is going through a corona epidemic that has no problem. So men are thinking that how can I earn money. And do not save your card by adding it while making an online payment. And people are fraudulently trying to fraud through Google Pay, Phone Pay on the phone. In his notification, you will send money request and you will get caught, you will find money in my account but transferred from your account to the account of that fraud. That’s why you guys should beware of fake and fraud calls.

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