BGMI Is Removed From Play Store And App Store In India

bgmi removed from play store

BGMI Is removed from the play store because Krafton is powered by BGMI. BGMI (Battle Grounds Mobile India) is a team-player game. Krafton shares the data for the China server. So Indian government takes the decision to remove the BGMI from the play store and app store.

During the BGMI ban in India again, Krafton’s share is decreasing down to down. Krafton has been sharing the Indian user data from the China server so the Indian Government strict action because of Section 69A of the IT act. Recently some cases have also come to light from this game.

Some children got addicted to this game and they are not obeying the instructions of their parents, they are running their own minds. Now there is little hope of this game coming back to India. The people of India will still be playing this game in one way or the other, with the help of VPN or in some other way.

BGMI fans and players are very angry after hearing this news. Some YouTubers are also very upset about who are making their living with this game.

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