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CM OF Madhya Pradesh Is Corona Positive Shivraj Singh Chouhan

The CM Of MP Shivraj Singh Chouhan is corona positive. Cm of Mp is facing and suffering from the coronavirus. The more people are taking this light, the more dangerous these viruses are, when fewer people can come to the post, then we can also come, so stay alert. The Chief Minister can be so, you can be. When Shivraj Singh Ji got cold, he got corona tested, then it was found out that he will also be positive. His test report came at 12 noon on 25 July 2020, when all the people got this information. When people heard this news, people of Madhya Pradesh would be very sad and especially the people of Bhopal. Even during the meeting of the minister’s people, they can be corona positive.

Because their minister has to sit with the help of people, this has happened to him only. The treatment of Shivraj Singh Chauhan is going to Chirayu Hospital in Bhopal. Everyone is hopeful that he will come back early and do his work. Shivraj Singh Chouhan also addressed all the people through twitter, I will soon recover and you will also take care of your health. The public of the whole camp is sixty that they return soon. I request everyone to pray for him that he will soon be fully settled. This is very good for the public. Today has seen In the hospital, he saw Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s mind and was very happy with it.


Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s house has also been tested, so his report has come negative. Safe from their home: from this disease but they are in the grip of it. Now it will be that all those who have met him will also be tested and his family will also be tested. Therefore, you too should keep your food and drink and stay sow. Due to this corona, Lockdown was given 10 days in Bhopal of the camp.

Because now many cases will also be found in Bhopal’s camp. Corona cases have increased day by day in India. Some news showed that when he was going to Lucknow, he had a cold fever with the help of a minister. But as it happened too bad everyone loved and you get well soon. In Chirayu Hospital, he has been rallying among his followers and is being worshiped. So do not leave the house and leave only after falling short.

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