Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus App for Checking Symptoms


The WHO has launched the app to check symptoms of the coronavirus.Many countries has lauched our personal and custom app for our countries.The full name of WHO is World Health Organisation and Headquater of this organisation are Geneva Switherland.It is the world’s largest medical institution.And if a new disease is born, it has to be taken care of most.

Many country are fight for this virus such as India,America,China,Italy and many more country are fighting for this virus.Due to this virus many people have lost their lives and old people are most happy. It is a global epidemic.The cure for this virus has not been found yet.All the countries have created their own apps for this system so that we can avoid it by checking the systems.It started during the lab testing of Bhuvan City in China.

And many people have lost their lives by this.Millions of people died all over the world.If this disease is caused to you, then the person is kept away from home, they are quarantined for 15 days.Its scientific name is COVID-19.


You are very much threatened by Coronavirus, it can also kill you.In this symptom, you have a cold and headache, and if you are regular, then you should understand that you are Covid-19.This is one of the worst disease ever.And if there is someone in the house, then the house people have to live separately from them.

Many people have died from this disease, many young people have also been cured.The reason for this disease is the clutter in most of the country for many months and days.Every country is losing its economy due to this disease, which is also causing loss of crores daily.

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