Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Comes In India 2023 Or Not

Coronavirus Comes In India 2023

Nowadays Coronavirus (COVID-19) comes in China again and again many peoples die in China. In China less of beds in the hospital of China. The Chinese government has not controlled the covid because the china covid vaccine is not taken to control the Corona diseases.

In India, many peoples think the Coronavirus (COVID-19) comes To India. The Indian government has banned many flights to come to India from China. Last time the people of China spread Corona in India by accident. But at this time the Indian government is fully alert. And India’s vaccine has been very effective.

The Indian government has said that start wearing masks in public places. The condition in China is very bad at this time because people there are not able to come home from the hospital. Don’t know when the world will get freedom from this epidemic. Because lots of people die from this disease all over the world.

Coronavirus Comes In India 2023 it is very difficult to say on this thing whether there is a patient work of covid in India now. Coronavirus comes many peoples are facing money problems because daily bases earning people are facing lots of problems because they will work and earn per day.

Let everyone pray that the world gets rid of this pandemic soon and everyone remains happy as before. Due to the coronavirus, the distance between people has increased, but it is not the same as before. Even now, if you go to a public place, wear a mask. Be aware that this virus spreads very quickly caution is also necessary

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