Cryptocurrency price hike: Amazing profit


This is very funny and interesting to know that the craze of mime in the cryptocurrency market is not taking the name of stopping. 

This is Dogecoin who created panic in the market and now another copy of it is spreading rapidly in the market. 

Everyone is talking about Nano Dogecoin, While on one hand, a virtual cryptocurrency named Doge Killer launched this year and it was trading at around $8,000 (approximately Rs 5.89 lakh), which is much higher than the original Dogecoin.

Also on the other hand Nano Dogecoin saw tremendous growth within 24 hours. The price of Nano DodgeCoin, listed as “INDC” on crypto platforms, has hiked by over 5,000 per cent within 24 hours.

This happened when Nano Dogecoin tweeted on 21st Sept 2021 that it became the top gainer on CoinMarketCap, a market research website that tracks cryptocurrency movements, earlier this week. 

He also shared a screenshot in the tweet, which showed that Nano Dodgecoin is up 5,337 per cent within a day.

Nano Dogecoin, a Binance smart chain-based meme coin, is trying to position itself as a successor to Dogecoin.  It says that it intends to be a community-focused coin.

The team that developed this coin say that they always want to keep investors involved in the decision-making process.  

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