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Deepika Padukone’s Name Is Involve In Drugs Some Chats Revealed

Rhea Chakraborty is going to jail some hidden proofs are showing it. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, some Bollywood celebrities are involved in drugs dealing now this some chats are show or hidden profs are gone for the CBI team so drugs case is also involved much-Bollywood celebrity who one of the famous Indian actresses are involved Deepika Padukone. This Actress is one of the famous Indian actresses about her beauty. They will play or act a role for the biggest director of the Film Industry. This is the most expensive thing. This is a bad thing about all Bollywood celebrities. It is wrong to do so you are a big place or you can provide for all people’s humanity, peace, love, and entertaining peoples. This Drugs took so wrong.

This injurious to health. During this time Deepika got caught in the trap of drugs. NCB Narcotics Centre Of Beuro can be asking for the question about the drugs case. Rhea is in jail some celebrities are afraid. One by one few celebrities are also involved in this case. This is the worst thing about your follower’s fans who are very sad and hated the actor or actress. Because celebrities are working or dealing with very bad work. This work or deal is illegal in India. As soon as week NCB asks some questions for the Deepika Padukone. Some chats are showing or viral about it she is name is also involved in the drugs case. Sushant Singh Rajput case is an inquiry for the CBI inquiry some Bollywood celebrities are also involved in the drugs case. At this time all closing friends of Rhea are in the jail for 14 days it can not be bail. Rhea came out the jail for 22 Sep 2020 but it cannot become out the jail there will be going for more 14 days is under the jail.


Deepika  Padukone is the husband of the Ranveer Singh at this time those couples are facing many difficulties. Ranveer Singh was very sad about it so your wife Deepika is involved in the Drugs. This is a big circle of the drugs mostly celebrities are involved in this case. One by one his name is highlighted. So its name was noted for the NCB office. NCB officers monitoring her activity or taping a call. So it was talk for one person to other people. It is very important for this thing because are illegal and injurious to health. You are consuming for narcotics products your died will be soon. You will try to leave them some bad thing about health is not wealth. You can also try for eating or drinking green vegetables or juice. Your body gets strong or more work will to do.

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