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This largest fountain will be located at the Pointe,
The fountain is spread over 14,000 sq feet of seawater. This place is good for lifestyle and dining destination. While it’s enormous shooter will be 105-meters tall and this place uses over 3,000 LED lights.

To make a remark of Guinness World Record, Dubai is ready to open the world’s largest fountain on October 22.

This 14,000 square feet seawater fountain is located at Pointe, a lifestyle and dining destination. while it contains 3,000 LED light as major decoration and has a Super Shooter of about 105- meter tall.

Omar khoory, managing director, Nakheel malls, said” we look forward to the inspiration this will bring customers at The Pointe, the residence of Palm Jumeirah, out retailers, Tourists and the wider community”.

CEO of Dubai festivals and retail establishment(DFRE) Ahmed Al Khaja said. ” The Palm Fountain another incredible addition to Dubai list of world-famous landmarks and tourist places. The Pointe fountain will definitely be a big drawdown among visitors and residents alike’.

Fountain shows:

The Palm fountain has daily run shows from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. and will have 20 bespake shows with five differences shows between sunset and midnight. In this show, the fountain will be swaying on worldwide popular songs including Khaleeji, classic, pop, International, and more.

Beijing water design Technology Chairman, Xin Su said, ” we are proud to be part of the design, build and operation of the Palm fountain. An extraordinary feat, as one of China’s largest fountain specialists. This project was unique for us as we had the opportunity to tackle many firsts in ingenuity”.

Guinness World Record (GWR), Senior Marketing Manager (MENA), Shaddy Gaad said, ” the Palm fountain of Dubai will be a great addition of tourism and a long list of attractions.

Shaddy Gaad also said, ” the GWR is the process of verifying the world’s largest fountain. We look forward to hopefully seeing this World- Class Landmark being declared officially amazing”.

On Thursday, October 22 during the inauguration event of the Palm Fountain the public is invited to witness the celebration. For the world, this will be a very unique experience.

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