Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ever Since The Corona Virus Has Come, The Economy Has Fallen

Coronavirus is a very harmful virus for all human beings. It appears human body temperature is high so body get does not work for this virus. Coronavirus another or scientific name is COVID-19 it is a very dangerous virus. The COVID-19 cases staring form in India which the staring year of 2020. This virus increases many types of problems who are belonging to this. Due to the staring of the coronavirus Indian economy is decreasing day by day. At this time coronavirus cases are increasing day by day. Many peoples are lost their family members. During this corona, the epidemic is increased humans can unemployment and feel alone. This is the main problem of all peoples one side who is unemployed another side the economy going down.

The Indian economy is increasing day by day after the year 2020. India,s businessman provided employment for many peoples they provided work for peoples. So peoples are working here and earn some money for there livelihood. This is the main important thing of all peoples they provided some material for the family. The responsibility of the big peoples of family. But at this time economy of India or many countries are going down. As soon as possible this is going up from the next year. At this time 60 lakhs coronavirus patient in India. Many peoples are lost there life or many peoples are recovered them.

Be Aware Of This Virus

In India, mostly peoples are fighting for the coronavirus and mostly peoples are not suffering from this virus. Mostly old age peoples die who is suffering from the other disease. This is a bad thing for family members. The Indian economy is going down from them. In the previous year, India’s economy is up from day today. But this time mostly peoples are unemployment and feel alone at this time because nobody work here to earn some money. The coronavirus is going on Indian since the Indian economy is going up. Due to coronavirus, some states are lockdown for a few months. This is the best thing to lock many states so corona is not gone to many peoples. At this time many peoples are facing the coronavirus problem and they have recovered it.

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