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FAU-G Indian Game Is Coming Soon

India has launched a new game whose name is FAU-G  this game is very good according to his first poster this is the better way of the peoples are using this game for the money also forms India. Indian peoples and It sectors are invented several types of material according to this technology. FAUG is made in India game all developers and designers are also Indian. So this is the proud moment of the Indian peoples. The full form of this game is Fearless And United Guards. Akshay Kumar Indian actor which is promoting this game. FAUG game is under construction during this time as soon as possible this game is launch in the month of September or October.


Akshay Kumar is twitted in the twitter account the money of this game is 20 % money donate for the Indian Army. This game graphic is also related to army soldiers. This is a very big Indian game many peoples are waiting for this game because this is made in India game. So Indian peoples are very excited about this game. During this time teenagers and small children are very sad no online time passes a game in it.

There was a one-game whose name is Pubg now this time the Indian government has also ban for Pubg during the Inattention of the Indian and China. Because china is collected India data and bad use for this data so the Indian government has banned all the china applications and most websites are ban in it. Many peoples are thinking for the Fau-g game is similar for the Pubg mobile game or different or better for the Pubg mobile. Now only a few times has left for this game is launched in India or Asia server also for few times only this game is work on the Asia server only as soon as possible Indian Government has decided to this game is work or play for the other servers.


The FAUG game trailer is very good according to this trailer this game better for the Pubg mobile. Because the FAUG graphic is very better as compared to the Pubg. The video and character quality are better or perfect. It also supports High definition quality this is a better way of the students and children are timepass for the game playing in playtime. Indian teenagers are mostly waiting and excited about this game they have played the first time or better feel in it.

This is the best thing about this game is 20 % income is donated for the Indian army soldiers. This is the better way of donating one side who plays this game and the game will be also donating his money for the army department. The donation system is managed for the Army officers and game developers also. Many peoples eagerly wait for the game of FAUG game and thinking it is better for the PUBG game. As soon as possible government as decided and concert for the developers to make FAUG lite for small users.

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