For Some Time To Come, Greenery And Trees Are Over

In this time man is very lazy about nature. Peoples depend on only for our planning and show off this very bad for the environment. Nowadays man has time to know that he is not free from himself. Due to their happiness, people are cutting trees and making houses, and gradually the beauty of nature is going away. It is a very useless thing that we are going to end our nature due to our happiness and our happiness. We should not do all this to the people, people are going to destroy the tres and forest and become factory malls. And anyway, the population is so hot that don’t ask anything And in this way we should keep our environment green. It will be very good and nature will also remain good and everyone will be happy and enjoy it.
 After some time, you will not see far and wide trees. Just houses and malls will be seen everywhere. In future times, digital generation comes together. This is very good and very help full of us. In the future time greenery are over for the main cities. This is very expensive for us. So, please protect and some water doing nearby the trees this is most important for us and helpful for the trees. It is very wonderful for your children to play around a tree and protect the trees direct from the sunlight. It is best for a small childhood.


It will be a very good thing to serve the trees and the trees will give us six. It is very good that we serve the trees and we also get fruits from the tree. Some people are still alive in this world who still give water to trees and take care of them. Some people are just how many forests are being destroyed in the shadow of their profits. If we are determined then even today the tree plants can live. But nobody thinks so trees are safe. Trees and animals are human beings. Just like you serve your animals, you should also serve the tree plant. The tree is also like an animal. It would be great to treat your animals like a tree plant. If we have got a human life, then we should definitely plant 5 trees in our life.
The best thing would be if you take care of the tree plant then it is a very good thing. If you have your own house, then you must plant trees and flowers. This will be a very good thing for us and there will be a very good environment around us. And it would be nice to see the environment too fascinating. Several missions and programs are also being carried out to plant trees through Governments. Many Indian governments have started a program for planting trees in many areas.
By doing all this you will also have a name in the society and people will start digesting you And good people will be attracted to you. Plant trees in life and save your environment and nature because nature is everything. Trees and plant are not present on earth human life are not possible. Plants and trees are provided for the oxygen which is o2 which is more important for the human being.
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