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Ganesh Chaturthi Not Celebrating, Indian Peoples Are Sad Due To COVID-19

Ganesh Chaturthi 2020

One of the Famous festivals for Indian Religion who is  Ganesh Chaturthi all Indian Hindu peoples celebrate this festival and many religious peoples are supported him. This is a very big festival for all Indian peoples. This festival lasts for 11 days, in which Ganesha is seated. The 11 days all peoples think and pray for the Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is a boy of Shiva and his mother was Parvati.

This is a very good God, He loves children and children do this. This is one of the cutest God. This god is very charitable since childhood. It is a matter of great happiness for us that good people live here and everybody celebrates the Surrey festival in a spirit of love. Whether it is a festival or any religion, everyone celebrates together. This is the special thing: the man of India is very easy to deal with. And they get molded in every environment, the people of India never even bother anyone, they consider the man like a guest. This festival is made in August and September, it is celebrated with great pomp and show. During this festival, those who make a mistake: they get a chance to improve and learn to live life. How we should talk to people and how they should communicate with people.

After this festival, a fair is also held in many places and there are swings for children so that children can enjoy it. The reason for taking the children to the fair is that they can be added to the devotion along with the enjoyment so that they can go on a good path in life. Those people will follow a good path, so their children will also walk like this cycle will remain. And they will be counted in good people because at this time you will find very few good men.


During this time the coronavirus epidemic is increasing very high quantity so no festival is celebrating them all peoples are live from home be safe better from the home. Mostly peoples are sad him no celebration for the year 2020. The year 2020 is very bad all over the world. All of the world’s peoples are stay home and stay safe. Every person is a victim, he is not being able to do anything or do anything. Every person is not able to go to any of his relatives due to unhappy corona. The reason for the Sad is also one of those who are unable to celebrate any festival now. Ganesh Chaturthi is more celebrated from the Maharasthra State of India. Maharathi peoples are much more celebrated for the Ganesha festival.

This has to better for the peoples which have enjoyed and meet for the related peoples during this festival. Every peoples child or old peoples are celebrating or more enjoy it. Celebrates with great pomp and celebrates with joy. When India was a slave, people used to meet each other from this festival. And used to talk about happiness and sorrow to each other. The very best thing is that we Indian People places celebrate everything together.

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