Out of 107 countries, India ranks 94 which is under the serious category

Among 107 countries only 13 countries which is worse than India. These 13 countries are:  Rwanda- 97, Nigeria- 98, Afghanistan-99, Liberia-102, Mozambique- 103, chad-107,  among others.

 In the Global Hunger Index of 2020, India ranks 94 among 107 countries. In this index, Belarus got the top and followed by Bosnia & Herzegovina. This report was released on Friday, October 16 by worldwide and Welthungerhilfe.

 According to the Global Hunger Index report India has a level of Hunger that is “serious” with a score of 27.2.

 Last year 2019 India was 102 out of 117 countries, which is comparatively same as now.

 If you talk about the Asia continent the report gets better this year as compared to the previous year. And some Asian countries also get well rank this year. Along with that some of our neighboring countries also do well like Nepal got the rank- 73, Pakistan- 88, Bangladesh- 75, Indonesia- 70.

 On the other hand, some countries of Africa continents are worse than India including countries like  Rwanda-  97, Nigeria- 98, Afghanistan- 99, Liberia- 102, Mozambique- 103, Chad-107.

 As for the report, 14% population of India is undernourished. According to the report, it also says that the recorded a child stunting rate is 37.4 percent.  Stunted children mean “these children whose height is less than what age should be reflected chronic undernutrition”.

The Global Hunger Index is an annual report, which is jointly published by the worldwide and Welthungerhilfe. The final report is designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger at the Regional, Country Level, And Globally.

As per data of the Global Hunger Index from 1991 to 2014 for including India and its neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan shows that stunting is concentrated among children from households facing multiple forms of deprivation. Also showed poor dietary diversity, including low levels of maternal education, and household poverty.

 According to the Global Hunger Index report, in many countries the situation is under control and in some countries is improving too slowly, while in other it is worsening.  

 Among 60 countries in the moderate, serious, or alarming categories,  46 countries have improved their scores since 2012, but for 14 countries among 60 are in these categories.  Global Hunger Index score shows that hunger and undernutrition have worsened.  

But the latest report of the Global Hunger Index projection shows that 37 countries will fail to achieve even low hunger by 2030.

 According to the website of the worldwide and Welthungerhilfe. GHI scores are calculated each year to access progress and setbacks in combating hunger.

 The Global Hunger Index score is calculated on the basis of indicators.

1-  Undernourishment

2-  Child Wasting:-  children under the age of five years who are wasted that is who have low weight for their height, reflecting acute undernutrition.

3-  Child Stunting:- can we say, children under the age of five years who have low height for their age reflect child stunting.

4-  Child Mortality:-   the rate of mortality under the age of 5 years.

 In my view to improve Global hunger, we should give a donation to the NGOs who work for the poor by providing meals to them.  It is a thing which reflects the humankind in someone. 

 As you know food is the basic need for everyone to live and for the children under 5, it is a must.  Globally many children are dying due to hunger.

 There are a lot of people who earn more than their needs. Then why should not they help to poor by donating something they need?

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