Global Hunger Index India Rank 94

hungry india report

In India, many peoples are facing a hungry problem. So India Ranks 94 in the Global Hunger Index report. India is the very biggest country India is the second position of the population all over the world. According to the Global Hunger Index report, in India will be 14% of peoples are suffering from malnutrition. This is the very biggest problem of poor class peoples. Because in this economy are going down day by day. During the COVID-19 diseases, so many peoples are unemployment they have not to work. Because they are suffering from malnutrition. This is very sad news for India. Because Indian political leaders are only see for our party and family. They doest not see for all Indian peoples.

In India corruption is increasing very fastly so malnutrition is also increasing. Global hunger is included only 13 countries of India that are top which is Ravana, Afganistan, Nigeria, Libya, Mojbeak, and Chand or many poor countries are also involved in the Global Hunger. India 14 % does not take a proper diet. So the Indian government has launched or made many schemes or programs but they are not successful. Because the malnutrition problem is the biggest problem of India. In this time it increases in day by day.

See how the tires are reported

Tires the report itself and gives it to the Central Government. The report includes work settlements for 5 years, which according to them are less weight. And in it, it is seen that how the death rate of 5 year old children: whether they are living less than 5 years are given to them.

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