Google bans all call recording apps on the Play Store

Google Ban

Google announced last month that it is going to ban all call recording apps on the Google Play Store. These changes in the Google Play Store policy will come into effect from today, May 11. Along with this, Google has not made any changes to the in-built call recording apps on the phone.

Google has been opposing call recording apps and related services for the past years. Google believes that call recording is a violation of user privacy. This is the reason why during call recording in Google’s dialer app, a clear and loud message of ‘This call is being recorded’ is heard.

Google has clarified that these changes will be valid only for third-party apps. That is, with the help of Google Dialer, users can do call recordings. If the call recorder is pre-loaded in your phone’s dialer app, then this feature will continue to work as before. Google has banned the call recording apps on its App Store.

Truecaller removes call recording feature

With the announcement of banning Google’s call recording apps, Truecaller has removed the feature of call recording from its platform. In a statement issued by Truecaller, it has been said that due to the update of the Google Developer Program Policy, we are discontinuing the call recording feature. This update will not affect smartphone users that have an in-built call recording feature.

The true call also said in its statement that we introduced the feature of call recording in our app due to the demand of Android smartphone users. Call recording on Truecaller was free for all users and was activated after the user’s permission. This call recording was part of a feature of the Google Accessibility API.

Google had blocked real-time call recording on Android 6 and in-call audio recording microphone from Android 10. However, some apps were providing call recording services through loopholes and accessibility services on Android. Google has now banned such apps from its platform.


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