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Google big preparation, the smartphone will tell the health of eyes and heart

Google is planning to detect heart-related diseases from the sensor of the smartphone. Testing is going on for this. Along with the heart, people will also be able to know about the diseases related to the eyes through smartphones at home.

Google on Thursday announced that it plans to conduct health checks using a smartphone. A Google said it will test whether listening to heart sounds through smartphones and iBall Photos will help people find solutions to their problems from home. Google is investigating whether the smartphone’s built-in microphone can recognize the heartbeat. Let us know about it in detail.

Health AI chief Greg Corrado said reports that a unit of Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O) is investigating whether the smartphone’s built-in microphone can detect heartbeats and murmurs when held over the chest. could. He said the reading may enable early detection of heart value.

At the same time, he also said that it is not at the diagnosis level, but it can be found out whether there is a high-risk Eye research photo will know this disease Eye research photos will be able to find out about diseases related to diabetes. Google said it had reported preliminary results using tabletop cameras in clinics and will now test whether smartphone photos can produce these results.

Also, Google plans to test whether its Artificial Intelligence software can analyze ultrasound screenings taken by less-skilled technicians. This technology can overcome the shortage of skilled workers. The project follows several announcements made last year about measuring heart and breathing rates using smartphone cameras. The features are now available on multiple devices through the Google Fit app.


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