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Happy Dusshera 2020 Vijayadashami Best Wishes

dusshera 2020

Best Dusshera Wishes to all of you. So now know why do Dusshera is celebrated. Dusshera is the Festival of the Hindu Religion. Ravan is burn-in Dussehra. Speaking of Bhagwan’s time When Ravana HaranSita Mata Ji, his bad days would start from then itself. First of all, wish you Happy Dusshera to all and your family. Ravan was Haran for Sita Ji because he is loved for the Sita Maiya. Sita Ji is the wife of the Ram Ji. Ram Ji is god but they have played a role for a very simple person. Now what to talk about God is Triloki’s Nath.

Happy Dusshera is celebrating in India. Ravan is the God of the Lanka its full name is Sri Lanka. It is located in nearby India. In Sri Lanka Ravan is the biggest God for Lanka peoples they worshiped them. In India Ram is the King Indian Peoples and all peoples have celebrated the Ravan Dhan and worship the Ram god.

It took a lot of time for Lord Rama to kill Ravana. At first, he tried to convince Ravana, but when he did not mind, he finally had to kill him. Lord,s Rama and his brother Lord Lakshman kills the brother of Ravan and destroy her property.

Lord Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama he burns the whole of Lanka with the help of tail. Lord Hanuman is a very powerful strong god. Their nickname is Bajrang Bali. Ram Ji is a forest of 14 years and at the same time Sita Ji went away from them, so he killed Ravana. When Rama killed Ravana, he killed himself by speaking Ravana O Rama many times. After killing the Ravan of Shri Ram they were back home so twenty days took passed. And when they came back, they started burning, so we started making Diwali.

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