Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In India Every 15 th Person Are Exposed To Coronavirus By August 2020 ICMR Report

In India, coronavirus cases are increasing day by day so many peoples are lost the family members to these diseases. This epidemic is very harmful to the human body which is increases day by day. All world is suffering from these diseases. All world countries’ economies are down so all factories and industries are close.  During this time no place of the hospital to the patient of the coronavirus. All states government are developed many schemes about the coronavirus. The ICMR of India which stands for Indian Council Of Medical Research they saw in Indian every 15 the person is exposed or suffering from the coronavirus this time all peoples are for these diseases. This is the biggest epidemic of the 21 th century. This way better to protect the body from coronavirus it is harmful to us. This virus is most harmful to the newborn baby and old age peoples because their immunity system is doest not strong.

The ICMR of India is very research or take them about this virus. They saw In India Every 15 th person in India sees them this virus cases for nearby me. You can go to the market please take a mask off your face and keep hand sanitize for every time. Do not touch anything for going to the market. Be aware of social distancing. Please avoid handshake for our friends and family members. This is harmful for this time. Be aware of your body and protect them from this virus. At this time in India, many peoples are unemployment for this time. Nobody work here.
 A State government has open for many things for a short time. In a short time no earning them for the peoples. All peoples are anxious about it. All peoples have prey to god when will going to the coronavirus COVID-19. Due to this time-poor family peoples are very anxious about them. Many states the government has provided some money send direct in the account of the poor peoples. Because poor peoples are very helpless. So I request that please help poor peoples because they have no house no best way of earning source.
They were also depending on rich peoples because they provided work but at this time rich peoples are afraid they were not working for any peoples. They did your work for self. So you can stay home and stay safe. You can take care of your small children and elders. You can eat homemade food.  Please add some green vegetables and salads to your diet.
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