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Indian Bollywood Drugs Mystery Box Is Open

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, many celebrities are involved in the drugs case. During this time drugs, the mystery is open lots of humanization. The biggest celebrity in the film industry of India is involved in drugs. Indan actress, actor, director, and artist are also involved in this case. Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor are also involved in a drug case. Narcotics Control Beuro (NCB) has investigated this actress. Some whats app chats are found the place of investigation peoples. At this time all Bollywood industry have shocked or scared for this case.


Rhea Chakraborty is going to jail some Bollywood celebrities are scared. So all of thinking them I was not involving in this case. This time is Bollywood hate time. All Indian peoples are hated for Bollywood celebrities so all are involved in drugs. Everyone wants a drug mafia of Mumbai. But it has not possible for that.

NCB is have asked many questions. All peoples have monitoring for the NCB. Taking drugs is the wrong thing. During the Sushant Singh Rajput Murder case is open now drugs case is open many celebrities are involved in the Sushant case or this drug case. Those celebrities are involved in this case whose fan following is decreased in social media. In social media, fans are hating for celebrities. All these processes start in the Sushant Singh Rajput case so this time all celebrities of the Bollywood are sacred at this time.

Indian Bollywood is flying now at this time for all over the world. This is a very bad moment in the Indian film industry. Deepika Padukone is under the custody of the NCB some question is asking for the Deepika, and this also led him my what’s app chats. It is now under arrest as soon as possible some hidden proof is viral for future they were going to jail. Drugs are illegal in India. The Indian government has banned this product.

This is a bad thing about Bollywood celebrities. Drugs are injurious to health. These celebrities are little money they were taken a drug. Late nightstand or sleep they were taken the drugs. Because they were standing a very long time to go sleeping late nigh work and shooting is on so they are taken drugs. This drug connection is also involved in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. All are involved in the Sushant Singh murder time they are going to jail. Rhea was not belling they are going to jail. Rhea is the very thing to do. He gets the same punishment now they will do before the Sushant case. After this time rhea and whole team members are going to jail.

This moment is a very bad moment of the Indian Bollywood industry so many celebrities are also taken drugs. Many types of chats of these celebrities are gone for the NCB or CBI so this case connection is going for drugs or Sushant Singh Murder. All of them they do not them will do for Sushant. Sushant is live forever in fans of heart.

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