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India’s smartphone market report: 2020

India's smartphone market report: 2020

India’s smartphone market report: 2020

 The smartphone market of India leads to a record 53 million units in the third quarter. In which Samsung reclaims top spot:  By Counterpoint.

After the lockdown, the segment of smartphones in India rebounded to touch an all-time high of 53 million units in the quarter of September. In which Samsung was top in the list followed by Xiaomi. “According to research by Counterpoint”.

 As per the report India’s smartphone shipments group 9% year on year and it’s about to reach over 53 million units in this quarter of 2020.  This is the highest ever shipment in the quarter for India.

According to the counterpoint, Samsung becomes our leading brand in the Indian smartphone market after 2 years and it leads 24% off share. It leads high because of its strong performance and multiple strategies.

Along with that for the first time, Xiaomi slipped to the number 2 position. Because there were some anti-China consumer sentiments impacting sales of brands originating from China. “Counterpoint research analyst Shilpi Jain said”.

One more time Oneplus remains that top brand in the affordable premium segment ( RS 29,999-  44,999) by the one plus 8 sales.

IDC, Market research agency counterpoint, and Canalys released a report on the Global smartphone market for the third quarter of 2020. The sales year-on-year change/ volume/ market share of the top 7 brands are ranked as follows:

1- Samsung:-  year-on-year increase of 2% and 22%, 79.8 million units.

2-  Huawei( including Honor):- year-on-year Degrees of 24% and 14%, 50.9 million units.

3-  Xiaomi(  including Redmi):- a year-on-year increase Of 46% and 13%, 36.2 million units.

4- Apple:- a year-on-year down 7% and 11%,  41.7 million units.

5-  Oppo:- a year-on-year  down 4% and 8%,  31 million units.

6-  Vivo( including iQOO):- down 1% and 8% year on year, 31 million units.

7-  Realme:-  real on year increase of 45% and 4%,  14.8 million units.

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