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IPL 2020 Starting In September, Date Was Posponed During Covid-19

ipl 2020 sechudle

IPL 2020 is starting on 19 September 2020. IPL stands for the Indian Premier League. During the epidemic of all worlds so BCCI has postponed the IPL schedule. This IPL matches are playing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah stadium. All matches are playing in the same season but this 2020 Ipl schedule is so late during the coronavirus. It is 13 this season of the IPL  whose organize for the UAE United Arab Emirates all matches are playing in UAE stadiums.

Many cricket team players have played a match. This Ipl is no audience match. During the coronavirus, the government has not permitted the presence of the audience in the stadium. Mostly Indian peoples are waiting for the Indian premier league. Indian peoples are very celebrating for these matches of the Ipl. IPL  league is a very big league of the Indian cricket tournament. Mostly the biggest celebrity of India who purchases a team or a member to bid for a member of a team and select the player. Many companies are investing money in the IPL for some advertisements. The first match is played by Mumbai Indian v/s Chennai Super Kings in Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates the capital  Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a very biggest city in the UAE.

IPL 2020

At this time all cricket players are going or present from UAE due to playing a match of the IPL some peoples are very well and excited to play a match. In this team, four players belong to other International cricket teams and the remaining players are also belong from India. In India, IPL is the festival of the teenage peoples. All see the match with family or friends.

Due to this IPL before the matches, all peoples are coronavirus COVID-19 test and sanitize hand. BCCI  has cared for the Internal cricket players. The final match is playing for  November 2020. This time all peoples are so bored in homes peoples can see the  IPL matches feel good or better. Some work is doing at this time at home all peoples stay home at this time. The IPL matches schedule is for a few days two matches in one day and someone match is continuous. All peoples have enjoyed seeing the matches. Small kids are watching they have play gully cricket. Many companies have organized and invest money for the IPL. This 2020 IPL is organized for DREAM Company whenever it DREAM11 IPL 2020.

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