Is PUBG Mobile India launching today? Check latest updates

PUBG Mobile India launch today.

Some reports are saying PUBG Mobile India will be launched in India on January 19.

PUBG mobile India launching today.

Many PUBG fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the royale game. Will PUBG Mobile India will be releasing today? After that trailer launch on 15 January, gives hopes to millions of mobile gamers about the relaunch of the action royale game. Can PUBG fans access the game on its very first day of release?

But, we will suggest you don’t get too excited right now. Some reports suggest that the Government of India will soon take-off the ban from the game and soon re-release it. While some reports tell that there is no confirmation from the company yet. The PUBG Mobile India’s official website still shows the “Coming Soon” tab, which will clearly show that the launch date is still far away.

There has also not been any crucial statement by the Government of India or PUBG Corporation about the relaunch. And this makes it very clear. Unless there is no official statement from the Government or by PUBG Corporation, all news-related relaunches are fake and not genuine. Only if the Government gives out a statement about the relaunch, only that will be considered genuine.

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