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Kangana Ranaut House Or Office Broken By Shivsena Maharastra Government While The High Court Refused

Kangana Ranaut was one of the famous Indian Actress. She is very popular on social media platforms. During this time Maharastra government Shivsena is broken for the house of the Kangana Ranaut during the controversy of the Sushant Singh Rajput case during this time Maharashtra government very irritated for the Kangana Ranaut. The CM of Maharastra is thinking that there is no one for me. This time every people are supporting the Kangana. At this time nobody is supporting the Maharastra government.

The CM of the Maharatrsa Udhav Thakre is thinking he is the only king of the Maharastra. But all peoples are supporting the Kangana. Because every man knows whatever you want or think. She is home in Mumbai and her home town in Himachal Pradesh. Maharastra government has broken her house or office by using Bulldozer all windows walls are broken in it. The high court has refused this order but the Mahantrsa government nobody listens they do work and broken her house.

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This house or office is very costly now this time house cost is 50 crore of the Indian rupees. But didn’t no difference of the Kangana they were returning her answers quickly. Now at this time, the Maharashtra government nobody asks for India all peoples are hating for the government. So this government two waste full work is doing them once he is not supported for the victim of this Sushant Singh Rajput and broken the house of Kangana.

This bad thing is directly down for the graph of the Maharastra government. Udhav Thakre belongs to the Shivsena part. In older times Shivsena leader Balashab Thakre, he dominated the entire of the Maharastra. But during this time nobody loves or a fan of the Shivsena all Indian state peoples are hate for the Maharashtra government. The Maharastra government has hidden for the Sushant Singh Rajput former manager Disha Salliyan not giving her files for the CBI inquiries.


This bad word of the Maharashtra movement and also included for the Mumbai police. During this time or Sushant Singh Rajput case, Mumbai police are infamous for all over the world. We are cutting in front of the nose of the foreigners. In other countries, peoples are hated by the Mumbai police. At this time Karni Sena is supported for the Kangana Ranaut or Sushant Singh Rajput case all Indian peoples are supporting this time. Because Sushant is one of the Indian legends. But the Maharashtra government Shivsena is doing very bad for this time. Because Kangana is speaking right so the government is getting nervous. At this time Kangana Ranaut is being known as the Jhansi queen.

Because the queen of Jhansi is very good to groom women Kangana is the same for the Jhansi queen. She is one side and another side is the Maharastra government. Many Indian politicians and actors are supported by the Kangana are right. All has happened for the Sushant Singh Rajput case. If Sushant Singh lives are present this time not all that is happening now. So the Indian peoples are supporting the Kangana and justice for the Sushant Singh Rajput.

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