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Keeback Futuristic Laptop Bag (2020)


Keeback has made for electronic bag which is very cool bag becuase this bag is different from the other bag beacause this bag is made for the advance technolgy system is use to make.This bag is charge for the usb cable which is long lasting battery life.This bag, which he sees, is also ready to be taken as it is an electronic device and the surface may also be a bag.This bag is made for keeback brand which is awersome design making and use for over 200 plastic, electronic, and fabric parts.

This bag is Aesthetic design for the company.This bag is Flexible RGB display to see you and yours peoples.The company has made speaker of this bag you don’t get bored when you feel lonely you can hear the song.This bag is very excellent, you will never be bored by taking it.With this, you will have a good time pass, and your luggage will also be carried.The keedback special features is changeable shells and straps kit.This bag is awersome storage which is 8+ L capacity inside 13 inches inside the bag store to take books and display.Bag of the open-close latch mechanism system.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Flexible RGB display
  • Bass speaker Bag
  • Backpacks complex of this bag
  • Battry Capacity 13600 mAh
  • Easy ON/OFF and fast charging backpack
  • Changeable shells and straps kit
  • 13 inch storage inside

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