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Lenovo Legion Y740

Lenovo 740 is a gaming laptop.Mostly people are buy this laptop for gaming purpose.Mostly youtubers are buy this for game show at a live stream.This laptop help for live stream without hang or leg problem.Lenovo is the company of the China and its headquater is Bejing and another headquater for America Los Angles.Most of the use of lenovo laptop are very use in the IT sector.Lenovo’s laptops are very good and they are never bad, its technology is very advanced. Younger students are the most using it.This laptop of Lenovo looks very good, the logo of the disease is seen in its back side, it also lights up in it, it seems very attractive to look.Most of the people like this laptop, it has been made very well by Chinese engineers.Its price is also a bit high, but its features are very good on other laptops.

*Features of Lenovo Y740*

  • Starting Price $1,449
  • Storage 16 gb RAM/1 TB SSD
  • Graphic Card 8 GB
  • Weight 2.2 Kg
  • 5 Hours Continue Use Battery
  • Display 15.6 inch
  • Resolution 1920X108 [FULL HD]
  • Proccessor 9 Generation
  • Three side narrow bazel
  • Aluminium Chassis
  • Keyboard Lighting
  • Channel Thermal System
  • Gaming Laptop
  • Cooling 70 Individual Fan Blade

This laptop is one of the main use of people buying for the game purpose.Many children are review for this product this is cool working for the gaming purpose.They are easy to carry.Because this laptop are built lower side for the use of chassis making with the help of the aluminium.The most attractive thing of this laptop are the keyboard are here for the lighting.The almost main function of this laptop are the cooling fuctions company are inbuild for 70 Fan Blade are filled for this latop.Which keeps it from heating up.

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