Lenovo Tech World Event

Lenovo Tech World Event

Lenovo is launching a Lenovo Tech World Event this will be held on two days. Lenovo Tech World Event is launched virtually during the epidemic of the COVID-19. This event is the launch for the first time virtually. Lenovo is launching many electronics items for this event. In this event, many new devices are launch in Lenovo. During the Lenovo World event Lenovo shows legion once again because this legion is a transparent version.

Lenovo also announced the Lenovo legion is launch transparent is soon. The Lenovo brand is also making good electronic devices for the customers which are very expensive. Lenovo legion version is also very good working at this time legion is launch in transparent which is very expensive or different.

Tech world 2020 is a two-day stream program. The program is also available in few languages which are English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and France. This event planning for the CEO Of Lenovo Yuanqing Yang.

Larger numbers of peoples have joined this program. This will also see more than 140 sessions breakout it. The company has explored the latest advanced technology which is Ai or foldable screens. The Lenovo Legion Laptops are very smooth working which best for gaming platforms.

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