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Market Research Agency Counterpoint IDC Report

Market Research Agency Counterpoint IDC Report

Market Research Agency report is organizing for the end of the year. In this report, IDC can see a top-level company whose demands a very huge number of peoples. So they are in first. In this report all mobiles or electronic gadgets company are here there product are also involved it. This time this report is necessary for the peoples who know that which company is best for the future generation. The sale volume is the year-on-year change which is comparatively dependent on the company taking or made the best products for the customers.

The Top 7 brands rank in order :-

  • Samsung-79.8 million, Its increase for the previous year 2 % and 22%
  • Huawei (include Honor)-50.9 million, It decreases for the previous year 24% and 14%
  • Xiaomi (include Redmi)-46.2 million, It increase by 46% and 13% for the previous year
  • Apple-41.7 million decrease 7% and 11% of the year
  • Oppo-31 million decrease 4% and 8% of the year
  • Vivo (including IQoo)-31 million down 1% and 8% of the year
  • Realme-14.8 million increase 41% and 4%

Market Research Agency report is yearly 2020 and all brands are compared for the market for the previous year only.

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