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Mobiles Security News (2020)

Mobile and phones are not secure during the time of lockdown.Because the online fraud are increase in day by day.This is the main reason for hacked our data peoples are free for full time spend on mobiles.Hackers are send the link on our phone then you are click these link your data are hacked or share many more area peoples are wrong use your data.

At this time, online fraud is raging all over the world, people are hacking data and selling it on the web.Many people are robbing people of the same type of shopping in the cycle of offers.And people are also looting AK in this greed, they feel that they are getting work, they should take advantage of you.Online fraud is happening a lot, people hack their second Eid and consider their own relative money and loot the money in thousand and lakhs.

You people should also be careful not to click on any link and do not download any app, like 50-100 rupees for free, it hacks your data and shares in other areas.

Preventions Of Security

Online fraud is raging. Through the payment, people are cheating.Upi payment main security is do not share your Upi id and linking the email of bank account.Do not share bank password and otp of the bank account.Peoples are wrong use of the bank account or otp can use the money fraud of your account.I request to you please do not share your personal details.

Bank has not call for customers anything problem you can go your bank can discuss manger and solve the problem of our account.If you fraud with someone, then you may have a case on jail and your family and you will have to pay a fine.

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