Narendra Modi Prime Minsiter Of India Mission Completed In The Year Of 2020

Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. He is a very good person for all over the Indian leader. These are very good leaders in India. India has got such a good leader for the first time, he is a very honest man. He has got a good prime minister, only someone in the history of India. They do their work with honesty and responsibility. He is called by the public name of Modi, Dada.  People of foreign countries also called Modi Ji in good programs and they would also go with respect. The country that calls them, they definitely go with respect and talk well, and motivate people.

*First Mission Ram Temple*

It is due to them that India is growing so much today and the economy is getting screwed. He is a very personal person with a lot of heart and mind and no one talks about his praise in India. There is no prime minister like him and no one can replace him. It is also very feminine.  This is the proud movement of the Indian peoples. They have done very good work for India. And the people of India have a lot of interest and they run with a heart in their rally.

 And his fan following is also very popular everywhere in every corner of India. India’s child in public: to Narendra Modi. He was first the Chief Minister of Gujarat, then now he is the Prime Minister of India at this time. They did very little for their country: and the firemen will do better than this. He has only hands to shine India. And they changed the condition of India. India started to know the whole country today: India. India now arrives to face China on today’s date.
* Second Mission Rafale Fighter Plane*

India has become very strong at today’s time, be it the Air Force, Navy, or Army from every side. It is possible to face India in anything. India has weapons that no one has. India got boost up after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. Got what India had chosen: India is going to be the fastest-growing country in today’s date. Many good works were done after Modi Ji became Prime Minister. And they also understood a lot of things from some countries and love abroad in the country. It is also very difficult to do this, not everyone knows this work. His mission was completed in 2020, now. 

His first mission was that Rafale fighter plane to India as soon as possible which is completed. His second mission was to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya (UTTAR PRADESH), that too will be completed: Bhoomi Pujan of the temple has been done, now the work is also going on. Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state of India. And now our Narendra Modi is very happy. How many people write about them are few. Because that man is the only person. India has got what the Prime Minister had. They do their work with great dedication and courage. First, you sold these teas on railway railways and today look and have been caught on food. We should also get an education from them and should be Motivate. And a man should always be killed for life.
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