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No Festival Celebrate In India 2020

Now in India no festival celebrate in India because during this time all Indians are suffering from the coronavirus this is increases day by day. Now all state government said that you can make a festival by staying at home. Because thousands of people are dying from this virus and old people are happy in it. India’s economy has fallen a lot. The country has left behind. With this illness, the government removed the clear orders that you should make a festival at the house. At this time, poor people have to eat at this time. Coronavirus is in full world operation today. At today’s time, the business of the people stopped, the private company will be closed. Every festival in India is like a wedding and a wedding is like a festival. People of the Indian festival celebrate very much. Until this virus vaccine is made, all of your people should stay at home. And every festival is now to be made at home. It is happening for the first time in Bahrat that everyone will stay home and become a festival. And the Government said that the school will all be closed. India too was ahead in its economy, but due to this great man, he again commanded backward. There are many types in India and they all have different festivals and different ways of celebrating and eating everything.

Every person has enjoyed a lovely festival. Enjoying all the festivals very much here. Everyone is sad at this time in 2020. That no one is going to say everywhere. No one is able to go and can not meet anyone. First of all, people celebrate here in celebrating the festival and then celebrate the lovely one. People of every religion have their own lovely festival. Many types of people live in Indian and celebrate their own festivals. Here every festival has a different direction and it is better to eat and drink.

Here every festival has a different Swag and God also has a different festival. Different dishes are made in every festival and are celebrated in a joyous celebration. Nothing is possible due to this virus. Now the people who live very often used to come to meet their house at the festival and they would enjoy it. Everyone worships their God on the type of festival. So you request people to stay at home and stay safe. Stay at home and serve your parents. You guys should work at home

Indian festival is the world’s most celebrated country in the world. Mainly all peoples are more enjoyable for the festival. Mostly children are celebrated in it because their school is on holiday. Celebrating the festival has a lot of fun with your family. So I request to that stay home and work for home. You will be safe, so good: the best for your family. Your children are also at home. Do not allow your children to get too full at home and make the festival at home. And let anyone come before you come home and then let them in.

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