Oppo Enco R Pro launch in China

oppo encho r

Oppo has again launched another explosive and special Enco R Pro in China. After seeing this Enco R Pro, the people of China have told that till now this product of Oppo is very good. The quality given in it is very good and its design is making this Enco R more special.

According to the information so far, this product was launched in China, it started selling so fast in the market that it is being told that till now no product of Oppo was sold so fast. Seeing the first look of this Enco R Pro, people are becoming very attracted to it and people are also liking it more. If we talk about its price then it is currently priced at 499 CNY in China.

Specifications of Oppo Enco R Pro

This Enco R Pro of Oppo is fitted with a 12.4mm dynamic coil, due to which you get very good sound quality and clear sound in these boots. Along with this, it has also been designed with a customized bass energy tube.

It is being told that a new sound style has been added to it, which is with Renault’s special tone dawn. It is equipped with ANC active noise reduction. Apart from this, you also get Transparent Mode, which you will not get to see in any other boots, not only in OPO but in boots of any company.

Apart from this, due to the system like AI call noise reduction in it, these air boots are considered very good. Apart from this, it is fitted with IP54 dustproof and waterproof which makes this product not special but the most special. Talking about its battery life, it can run for 28 hours non-stop and without any change in sound quality, which is another special thing about it.

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