Oppo X 2021 With Rollable OLED Screen

oppo x 2021

Oppo X 2021 is a sliding and rollable phone which is new in the technology market. Oppo company is changing the size of this phone because they first make 7.4 inches and now 6.7 inches display at this time folded. The Oppo makes a very good phone for the customers. The Oppo is officially shown the details of this phone is present in Oppo Inno Event 2020.

In this phone, the Oppo brand uses very advanced technology. This phone concept is a reel dual motor. They have adopted a non-polar flexible reel screen.

At this time rollable display phone also called Oppo X 2021. The folded size of the phone is 6.7 inches or the unfolded size is 7.4. The Oppo phone has speakers at the bottom and a USB type C-port. In this phone, Oppo provides a smooth transition for two displays. Oppo provides a full-screen experience.

In the Oppo Inno event, you will see many Oppo electronics gadgets so mostly peoples are interested in Oppo X phones. Because it is a very expensive and attractive phone with the run is smooth. The launch date or price of this phone was not confirmed as soon as Oppo officially launch. In this event oppo launch AR glasses with air voice gestures.

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