Coronavirus (COVID-19)



In the outbreak of the pandemic around 200.800 in the US has been killed and globally about millions of people were lost their lives due to Corona, by the time the outbreak of the pandemic reaches to White House

In early Friday morning president revealed that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus. Due to the coronavirus in the United States, about 200,800 people lost their lives and Devastated America’s economy.

At the quarantine, President Trump tweeted that “ we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately, we will get through this together”.

When President Trump infected by coronavirus the Well wishes of the president, citizens of the 52 states, Prime Ministers, and Presidents of different countries wishing the Trump for his quick recovery. Including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted “ Wishing my friend…. and Lotus a quick recovery and good health”.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump, the first lady of the US tweeted “ we are feeling good and I have postponed all upcoming engagement. Please be sure you are staying safe, we will all get through this together”.

This pandemic spreading globally with high speed and under coronavirus grip, many great leaders of different countries came. Like the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Trudeau. Prince Charles Royal Throne of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and many great leaders including the president of US Donald Trump.
Due to this Pandemic situation, the meeting and conference are happening Virtually in the world.

Ahead of it, the United States President Donald Trump tested positive at the time of the major election in the US, in this election the whole world is keeping their eye and showing great interest in it and less than one month were remaining for the election.

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