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Philips Launch A Smart T.V With 70 Inch Display In India

philips smart tv

Philips Launch A Smart T.V series. In this T.V series Philips launch four models which are 8200,7600,6900 and 6800. Where Philips Smart T.V 8200 and 6900 series come with support Android. There 7600 and 6800 are equipped for SAPHI smart OS.

Philips launches 10 models in India, which is a smart TV, all this has been done under TPV technology. Which are different features and specifications in which have Dolby Audio and HDR10+ support experience are included. The new range has four different-different series.

Android T.V is supported, google assistant so that users are fastly informed of the weather forecast latest news and he is controlling the device for your voice. Although SAPHI Smart Operating System supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.

Philips 8200 TV series model are available and their prices : –

70 Inch (70PUT8215)65 Inch (65PUT8215)55Inch (55PUT8215)50Inch (50PUT8215)
1,49,990 Rs1,19,990 Rs89,990 Rs79,990 Rs

Philips 7600 TV are two models available which are 58 inches and 55 inch whose price is 89,990 Rs and 69,990 Rs. Just like that Philips 6900 TV is available in 43 inches and 32 inches whose prices are 44,990 Rs and 27,990 Rs. And last models is Philips 6800 TV is available in 43 inches and 32 inch whose price is 35,990 Rs and 21,990 Rs.


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