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Teenager Girl becomes Finland PM for a day.

By the part of the Global campaign that “Girls Takeover” the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin propound the PM of Finland for a day to a teenage girl.

This is the International campaign of children’s rights Charity plan.
We can compare this scenario to the 2001, Bollywood Movie ‘Nayak’ in which Anil Kapoor will appoint the CM of the state for a day. In the movie Amrish Puri who is played the role of villain and the CM of Maharashtra, appoint Anil Kapoor for 24 hours as CM. Anil Kapoor gives a sudden and positive result to the citizens.

such things look inspiring in real life and many people want to be on a high post, but this in real life is quite different.
But this has happened and the people of Finland are live witnesses about this recently. When the Finnish Prime Minister gives the power of a PM to a teenager for a day.

On Wednesday the Finnish prime minister has handed the power to a 16-year-old girl as a part of the campaign Global campaign of promoting the girls right in a country

As we can Sey in other words, the Marine 16-year-old girl made a teenager of a country for a day.

When Murto appoints the Prime Minister of Finland for a day she said, she was having an exciting day, She faces media on the steps of Parliament, people welcome her with respect, and had a meeting with the chancellor of Justice.

Aava Murto is an active campaign on issues related to human rights and climate change. As she the Finnish prime minister for a day on Wednesday, she to MPs and several ministers on foreign trade and for the development of humankind.

By this move, we have to learn and realize how important girls are
She spoke ASP and also said that she thinks, young people could teach adults to be more innovative and think more about the future.

The move of the prime minister for a day is part of the International plan of a global ‘girls takeover’ campaign by children’s right charity. This Global campaign organization’s aim is to highlight the problem of online harassment of women and raise awareness of girls’ digital skills in technological industries.

Major companies like Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and Microsoft will also go to teenagers for the top job to girls in countries like the Netherland, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the Philippines.

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