Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Protect Your Body For Coronavirus

Nowadays all world faces for the critical condition all country has economy are low. I tell you to protect your body for coronavirus (COVID-19). Nowadays these diseases are suffering for many peoples mostly peoples die in those days. Coronavirus is come in day by day. Many villages and villages peoples are facing many problems. To avoid this disease, I tell you some precautions that you can avoid this disease. Why this disease is very big, it has been spoken in the whole world, many people have become victims of this disease today. Due to the Coronavirus, some people have lost their lives, this disease is a threat to the old people. Now I deserve that Protect Your Body For Coronavirus. This type of disease is once every 100 years And many people face this. Some countries are saying that we can find a cure for this.

*Ways to avoid it*

If you want to avoid this virus then you have to take some precautions. If you go to the market, then put your hands on the sanitizer in your hands and wear a mask on the face while going out and do social distancing. And if you are at home, wake up early in the morning and do yoga, it will increase your immune system and you will have the ability to avoid illness because this virus also stays in the air. The government has made many apps to avoid this virus and Arogya Setu apps have been made in India so that you will be given full information and caution in it. This virus killed many doctors and many people died in the USA and France too.

This virus has killed many big doctors, who are considered to be very big doctors, the government of the whole world has also put blood clad to avoid this virus and those who are not following this populace are also acting on the government. And if you are filled with the house, on the way back, the sanitizer should do it and try to wash the clothes with hot water and take a bath yourself. This virus causes a lot of damage to children and land because their immune system is bad. Stay home at this time and serve the eldest. Talk about their love and bring good thoughts to mind. At this time it has become very difficult that people have no jobs left, factories and private jobs are all closed.

How To Eat To Fight This Virus

I tell you what you should eat, you always have to eat protein and vitamins and vegetables so that you can try to eat fruit. You will get the strength to fight. Stay at home and eat as well as you can and try to eat dry fruits in your diet. And include a salad in your diet, it is very good for better health. Because a salad like a piece of glass is taken from the truck where it is used, for example, some pieces of paper are made to support it, in the same way, the salad is made for the support of the food. You will eat well, so your children will eat well.

You request people not to go out and eat oily food. Please avoid oily market food don’t eat. You do yoga and keep your body good. Eat well stay cool. Eat Fruits and Keep Your Digestive System Good. Do yoga and keep your body healthy and always stay at home. To avoid Konvirus, you donate the mask to those who do not have masks and donate as much as you can.

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