PUBG Ban In INDIA 2020 | Indian Goverment Ban 118 Chinese Application

Developers said PUBG Mobile plans to re-launch in India. Here's what happened will PUBG Mobile in India launch?

PUBG Ban in India now Indian government ban is Pubg in India and many more apps. This is a very big smile from the Indian parents so their children are playing a Pubg game every day and night. With this, children should read the game of thief throughout the day and it does not matter to anyone, just play the game all day. Due to this, the entire physical activity of the children was going on in full swing. Children are getting used to it day by day. And they do not listen to their parents, they play the game all day long. With this, 118 apps have been banned in India. But this is a very bad thing, so many people are earning their livelihood.

These are very useless things for children but very good for their parents. The Indian government made this app by becoming very good. Everybody has become addicted to pubes ever since they were hit. The Indian government and the Supreme Court worked very hard to ban Pubaj: and their hard work paid off. This work is very good according to the Indian government.

Now this time Indian parents are very happy and spend time with their children. Some Indian children are not happy they feel very boring about the holidays. Because the reason for a sading child is their time school is off during the coronavirus Children also have to study in time and children by staying at home they have to feel good for one of Pubg with the friends therefore Pubg is a ban for India and many peoples are livelihood with earning of the Pubg they enjoy very good and enjoy your life for professional. Pubg pro players are good earning for this game they income has double for this game one side plays a game for Pubg on the live stream and some fans are giving money to the pro players.


Pubg pro players have shoutout for the fans who give money for the fans who are feeling the very proud moment. Ban the pubes because children do not study and play games throughout the day. Neither does any physical activity and sitting in one place also ruins the stomach the digestion of the children is very bad so some diseases are produced. Now in the future, their life is very difficult for spending. Small children are playing a game they have destroyed for our eyes and they look fewer glasses today.

Now in India many peoples or small children are playing this game. The Indian government has very good work for the Pubg ban. So the children’s future is safe for this work and keeps study for the children. This is the very good work of the government many Indian parents are celebrating this day for will listen to this news. As long as the Prime Minister of India is alive, Narendra Modi, till the future of India’s children is safe. While this game lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, in this, 100 persons make a one-way finish, the last one who survives wins.

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