PUBG has closed accounts for 12 lakhs people, they are hackers and cheater

pubg news 2021

PUBG mobile latest move between accounts of 8 January to 14 January 2021 banned 12 lakhs account because they are hackers and cheater. Those accounts are permanently suspended because they have done work against the terms and conditions of PUBG mobile. All world Pubg has 60 crore users.

Even though PUBG(Player Unknown Battleground) for the time being is ban in India. But they have come back incoming soon. This game user base is very big in India. Pubg has left far behind for more games. At this time peoples are against following the terms and conditions. Then decided that the PUBG team has banned many users’ accounts permanently.

This thing is very best by hacking and cheating, you will be able to create an account by looking at a pubic server they were banned your account. It is wrong for every game to do hard work and play well you will also win or also became a nickname is adding your name which is also called PRO PLAYER.

Hackers are cheated and advantage for the normal players this is a bad thing. According to the information, 48 percent are hackers who have to do their best advantage or buying UC for illegal activity. According to the info, PUBG mobile comes back for the 2021 year.

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