Redmi 9T Claims To Be Launch 8 January 2021

Redmi 9 T

Redmi launches a new smartphone which is Redmi 9T on 08 January 2021 which is a rebrand for Redmi note 9 4G. According to the tipster twitted in this year Redmi launch 09 smartphones on the global market. In which are Redmi 9t, Mi11, and Mi 11 lite also. This phone launch in January claims for a tipster. New Redmi is part of the rumors it’s looking for the Redmi Note 9 smartphone its launch in November 2020.

After this those phones are updated for the camera which name is Redmi Note 9 power. One tipster claims this phone date launch on 08 January 2020. This is a tease for Malaysia. Redmi 9 T launch for the starting year 2021 company or tipster tells Redmi to launch 8 to 9 phones in this year. Although Redmi doest not provide any information for the launch of the smartphone.


Redmi 9 T is the rebranded variant of Redmi Note 9 4 G. Allegedly this phone is certified by Thailand NTBC. This phone model number M2010J19ST and 9 T is also listed for the NTBC site. The online list doest light on features or their prices. The same pattern follows for this smartphone.

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